Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tot School

So, we've been doing some Tot School stuff, but with getting ready to travel and actually traveling, posting about Tot School hasn't been a priority. I have enjoyed reading other moms' posts, though!

Before we left for Camp Babochka, I needed some help getting ready for the craft that I was supposed to help lead.

First we gathered the stuff we needed--crepe paper, candle holder, glue, water, paint brushes, some extra containers. I watered down the glue. Isaiah helped me brush it onto the candle holder. Then we tore the crepe paper, which incidentally comes in big, 11" (or so) wide rolls in Russia. Next we put the paper on the candle holder. It was super easy, and lots of fun!

Happy with our finished product, which I later used for an example to the campers at Camp Babochka a few days later. Oh, and isn't this chair and table GREAT! We were able to get them at IKEA for a good price, and most importantly Isaiah is able to sit in this chair without any help!

I found these great stacking cups at IKEA for cheap (are you sensing a trend here?)! They don't get stuck to each other like the drinking cups that I was using, and the colors are much brighter. Isaiah has a much easier time stacking these since they are different sizes, too.

And this I'm very excited to show off! Isaiah has started pulling up lots more, even resting on his knees; so we're doing a little more work to develop those hip muscles!

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