Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tot School--E Week

Isaiah is 39 months

This week was a little different, but I don't really know why. I don't have many pictures, but we did do some other activities, so words will just have to suffice.

Unfortunately I didn't do that well with a Bible verse for this week. I just had a hard time choosing one, and then I didn't talk about any of them very much with Isaiah.

Bible Story: Elijah
We enjoyed reading from his Russian children's Bibles about Elijah. We read about Elijah's faithfulness to God when lots of other people were not faithful, and we read about the altar that shouldn't have burned, but God made it burn!

E is for


I found this elephant mask online, but have since lost the web address. It was something about Go, Diego, Go!, but I don't really know what that is, since it's not on Russian television. :)

Isaiah wasn't too thrilled with this thing on his face.

So we pulled out his elephant foam puzzle square from his really awesome foam mat from Aunt Emily, Uncle Rich and Luke. He seemed to enjoy taking all the pieces out, but didn't really care about putting them back.

Our friend Deanna also came over for supper one night, and she brought Isaiah a really cute stuffed elephant because she knew we were working on E, but I didn't get a picture of them together like I should have!

Aunt Emily

For some reason, it had been a while since we looked at Isaiah's family book (get ready for more of that next week!), so I pulled it out and he loved on the pictures of his family, oh so far away.


I don't have pictures of this, but Isaiah really liked playing with his plastic eggs again this week. He could even get them apart! I finally remembered to save an egg carton for him to put them in, and he could do it! I wasn't sure about his ability to put them in specific spots, rather than just a big bowl. I was pretty excited about this new development! He also did well picking up the color egg that I asked for, though he wasn't interested in naming them himself.


This sort of happened by accident. We unexpectedly had to eat lunch out one day due to no electricity, and Isaiah got a pyramid-shaped toy with his lunch. (yet again no picture) We hid treasures in his pyramid and talked a little bit about Egypt.


Who is the main character of one of Isaiah's favorite books, Moonpowder, which obviously doesn't start with an E, but Eli does. And Isaiah sounds really cute when he says that name!

At the end of the week, Isaiah got sick, so we've been focusing on keeping his fever down and limiting our activities. Hopefully next week Mama will be more "with it" and plan ahead a little better!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tot School--D Week

Isaiah is 39 months old

D is for Day

Psalm 118:24 This is the day that the Lord has made; we will be glad and rejoice in it!

Bible Story: Days of Creation (yeah, it's a carry over from last week when we didn't finish) :)

So here are our D activities for this week:

Isaiah loves taking off his socks, perhaps in part because I love to give him lots of praise for it! Anything that he can do for himself like this is certainly worthy of applause!

Day 2
This activity was actually intended for C Week, but I just ran out of time and steam. So when we talked about Day 2 of Creation, we made a cloud. Isaiah quickly remembered however, that cotton balls are much more fun to pull apart than anything else.

We have been enjoying some amazingly wonderful weather, so Isaiah and I have been outside A LOT! Hence, Isaiah's extreme delight! Here are some D things that we saw one day in the park:

Not particularly stunning, but Isaiah had fun learning how to say drain while I took his picture.

These aren't actually dandelions, but they're close! We found these little flowers in the park, and thankfully I had thought to bring a plastic bag along. Isaiah loves putting things in plastic bags lately, so we collected some flowers. We did see actual dandelions later on in the week.


You might not be able to tell from this picture, but this was a pretty good downhill slope in this new-to-us park. There were actually several, and we enjoyed running downhill over and over, running up wasn't as much fun for mama, but Isaiah enjoyed that, too.

Dome, Durham, Dalmatian

I love this picture. I had a better one with Isaiah actually looking at the camera and smiling and with the dalmatian actually in the picture, too. Yeah, didn't realize until after the upload that the dog didn't make the cut, oh well, just use your imagination. But you can still see really well the dome of the church across the street from the park and the Durham Bulls logo on Isaiah's cap. We love baseball!


Ok, so Isaiah's 3, and until this week he has only drunk from a sippy cup, though minus the valve that prevents spills. I've tried in the past to get him to drink from a regular cup on his own, but since balance is often an issue for him, he's not too interested in doing anything that requires lots of care with his hands in a situation that's not familiar. But this week he did great! I was so excited that I kept snapping pictures, but for y'all I limited my selection to only 2. :)


We were able to attend a concert this week, and Isaiah looked dashing in his dinosaur outfit from Grandma and Grandaddy!


Here Isaiah's with our dear friend Deanna at the concert.

Daddy Directing

What would D week be without something special about Daddy?! He directed the choir at the concert that we attended, and of course he did a great job!


Isaiah really enjoyed watching the dancers at the concert, too. Actually, he liked watching them warm up when they had to run 5 circles around the seating area the best. But he enjoyed watching them dash across the stage as well.


If there is a door in our dwelling that is open, don't worry, Isaiah will take care of that for you in seconds!

Days of Creation

At the end of the week, we had finally completed all the Days of creation. I had found some small plastic animals at something akin to a dollar store here. When we talked about how God made the animals and man, I gave Isaiah his new little animals, and he was thrilled! I tried to imitate the sounds, and he tried to copy me! We're excited about his verbal progress lately.

Here's Isaiah playing with his animals and our ark from a few weeks ago after we finished all the Days of creation.


Ok, it really wasn't that bad, it was actually pretty funny. I made the error of leaving out the crates I use for his school supplies after I had done some cleaning. Isaiah found them and managed to pull out just about everything.

Then he struck gold when he found the plastic bag with the foam letters! He got the bag open (great fine motor skill improvement!) and started moving the letters from the bag to the big crate then reaching into the big crate and pulling them out to put them back in the bag.

We enjoyed singing: This is the Day, of course; as well as Deep and Wide, Don't Ya Know (from a Veggie Tales music CD) and ShenanDoah and some other songs that I don't remember right now. Isaiah loves Shenandoah for some reason. It's really cute though, he'll sing "Dough" really loudly over and over again. He also likes to sing with me when I just sing "do, do, do" in the place of all the words of a song. I like that, too.

We read: Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs; I Love you, Daddy; and tons of other stuff that has nothing specifically to do with d.

And yet again we didn't get to all the things that I had planned like drums, daisies, doughnuts and more. Oh well, there's always next time! But we did get to...


We love to dance!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tot School--C Week II

Isaiah is 38 months old

We're getting back into the alphabet where we left off before starting with Isaiah's name. We had done C a little bit, but not as thoroughly as I would have liked because it was around Christmas, and I got very distracted. So, here's what we did with the letter C.

C is for....


Our verse for the week:
Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

We enjoyed celebrating Daddy's birthday on Tuesday! He had a yummy chocolate cake, which Isaiah also really enjoyed. Unfortunately I can't get the picture off my phone to show you, so you'll just have to trust me on that one.


We only made it through the first day of creation this week, but I think that we can easily continue this theme with the days of creation for D week next week. We really only had one official day of Tot School this week, but I have all the projects ready for all the days of creation, so we should accomplish more next week.

Isaiah helped me glue our creation circle for day 1: Light and Dark. We cut out the circles in light and dark colors of construction paper, then glued half of one circle onto the other. Here Isaiah is clapping after we finished the craft.


I found some small plastic containers at IKEA when we were there with friends on Monday, so now I don't have to keep borrowing from the kitchen and running out when I need them! I found some cotton balls, and Isaiah really enjoyed moving them from one container to another, no big surprise to me.

But then he realized that he could pull them apart, and that was even more fun!

And if you missed this other post, you can now know that C is for CRAWLING

We are super excited about Isaiah being able to pull his knees up under his hips and get around a little bit at a time. There's a video, too, if you would like to see him in action!

Cutie in a Cap

We had a nice family day on Wednesday when we were able to go visit Pushkin. We were outside almost all day, which thrilled Isaiah, of course. The weather was not cold, which thrilled all of us! But here's Isaiah looking oh so cute in his Durham Bulls cap, a wonderful gift from North Carolina.


We visited Katherine the Great's palace in Pushkin. There were lots of neat clocks like this one in the entryway.

Ceramic Furnace
Almost all the rooms had ceramic furnaces in the corners like this one. Be sure to notice the cool blue footies that Isaiah's Daddy is wearing. :) Any time you go to one of the palaces or other historical spots in Russia, you will usually need to wear these over your shoes to protect the floors. Thankfully our Russian has improved so that we could talk the administrator into letting us use Isaiah's stroller throughout the palace so we didn't have to carry him the whole time!

Ok, so here, these are actually called palaces, but they're really like castles, too, don't you think? It was really quite beautiful.

We really enjoyed God's beautiful creation!

We enjoyed lots of singing again this week: If You're Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands; Consider it All Joy (written by Isaiah's Daddy from James 1:2-4) and lots of other songs that aren't related to C at all. :)

We read lots of books (especially since we went on a short trip the end of the week, but that's another post, this one is already long enough): Corduroy; The Cat in the Hat; and some Russian books that Isaiah really enjoys, but don't start with C necessarily, just the hard sound that's written with what looks like a latin K.

We ate crunchy nuts like almonds and cashews and not so healthy things like chips and chicken nuggets, too, and of course the aforementioned chocolate cake, which was by far his favorite food of the week.

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