Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So, we've been doing our "school" activities, but in a much more playful way lately.  I just have no time to post about them.  We'll get back to it eventually, I suppose.  Right now we have 3 extra people in our apartment, which means we have 3 little people in our apartment--lots of fun!

Thomas and our guests will be gone for 11 days, which might give me more time for posting things.  Then they'll all be back for 3 days before our guests leave.  Four days after that we head for the States.  So maybe in the 11 days that it's just me and the kids, I'll post about some of the ideas and activities that we've had for Isaiah.  I've discovered that things have to be very different for him than what I was trying to do.  The switch has resulted in a much happier little man and, therefore, a happier mama.  So we'll see what the next few weeks holds.  And maybe I'll even blog about it. :)

But until then, here's a cute picture of Isaiah in action with some pegs that Gran brought him:

These have been great for all kinds of games that we play together, and about which I have started a post.  Eventually it will get published.