Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week in Review - Week 16

And sickness struck again in the form of RSV and stomach bug.  So yet again, not a whole of lot concentrated schooling, but we did manage to have a lot of fun once we started to feel better.

Here was the game plan, but we branched out some with a little more child-led learning.
Theme/Lesson:  Jesus Became Man
Bible Story:  Shepherds Worship Jesus
Memory Verse:  God is love.  I John 4:8
Poem:  Five Little Bells
Song:  I'm His Little Lamb
Book of the Week:  Ten Little Fish
Letters:  Q-S
Numbers: 1-5
Color:  Brown, Purple
Shape:  Triangle
Self-care & Manners:  Washing Hands
Information:  Mom's Name
Fine Motor:  Kiss cookies
Gross Motor:  Jump

We were thankful to start the week out last week with some beautiful weather, so we tried to take advantage of every opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh air and work on those gross motor skills outside!

The circle around our apartments is about 1/3 of a mile, and the kids were so excited to be outside that they each moved with great speed!  Nadia ran and jumped pretty much the whole way, and Isaiah did almost all the pushing, even up the inclines!  We were so ready to be outside, even if only for a couple days!  Nadia's jumping is getting better.  She gets her right foot off the ground and her left heel.  We're thankful to see progress towards her physical therapy goals.  Isaiah jumps by popping wheelies in his chair, and he's an old pro!

Got to be honest, I'm having a hard time at the library finding the kids' books.  I just can't seem to figure out the system and find the books that I need.  Maybe I should look a few weeks ahead and put things on hold for the coming weeks.  But first I'd like for us to stay healthy long enough for me to go to the library!  All that to say, I don't have Ten Little Fish, so we've had fun reading other books.  We did color and paint some fish and pointed out fish in other books we read.

Since we're rather behind on the lesson themes, I've just been reading through the kids' Bible with them.  Right now our sections to read matched up with the theme of the school lesson, so that worked out really well.

Nadia loved our verse this week.  It is now known as "John song".

Our main activities this week were painting with purple and then making kiss cookies, though not at the same time because that would just be really messy.

I was so excited to see Isaiah doing handprints all on his own!  In the past I've had to help him hold his hands open and press them flat on the paper.  He did this all by himself this time!

The kids were a big help when making the kiss cookies!  I had no idea that Isaiah would be so good at unwrapping the kisses, showing me his great fine motor skills improving!  But then, when chocolate motivates!

He snuck a kiss before I even knew he had one open!

The cookies turned out great, of course, and I had some very willing taste testers!

The kids practiced their cutting more this week as well.  They both really enjoy using the scissors, and I managed to find some that are safe and provide just enough "help" for kids with developing hand strength.

We had a great time this week playing outside and following part of the regular lesson plan.

The coming weeks are full with co-op starting and Isaiah's coming surgery and lots of appointments.  

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