Friday, November 4, 2011

ABC Jesus Loves Me - Week 9, Review

We skipped a week to play a little catch up, in case you were wondering if I forgot that 8 comes after 7.  

This week's goals:
Bible Theme/Story:  God Made The Animals/Creation Days 1-6
Bible Verse:  I Thessalonians 2:13
Books:  Old McDonald Had A Farm, Five Little Speckled Frogs, Good Night, Gorilla, Moo, Baa, La La La!
Color:  Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
Letters: A-K
Number: 1-3
Shapes:  Circle, Line, Square
Information:  First Name and last name
Self-Care and Manners:  Use Fork and Spoon, Place dirty clothes in laundry, Pick up toys
Fine Motor Skill:  Finger paint
Gross Motor Skill:  Hop like a kangaroo

This was a review week to cover the above material; and every day we did a little something:

God Made the Animals

We played with the 5 Green Frogs again, but this time under the table!  We also played with the animals under the table, including cleaning them up.  Isaiah loved finishing his Creation Book and then reading it to me several times.  He is also a champ at the animal sounds!  We also enjoyed some sticker action again with some very colorful fish.

We all became very familiar with ducks, as Little Sister enjoyed her duck costume.

Numbers and Shapes

We made some more wooden squares, and the kids spun each other around in the laundry basket again, since they enjoyed it so much the week before.

He liked glue so much that I just let him practice on a blank paper.  Good fine motor stuff, right?

Fine Motor Skills

Isaiah's getting better and better at using his fork.  This week he scarfed down a whole Polish sausage at Sam's, and those things are huge!

Check out the grip on that marker!

He also enjoyed destroying an egg carton with his sister, which I cleaned up for days.

Gross Motor

Um, hopping like a kangaroo wasn't really in the cards for us, but he's getting quite adept at wheeling himself around in his chair.  We've found Sam's to be a great practice area with it's wide aisles.  He's a great helper in the shopping, too!

Our family enjoyed the Fall Festival of the church we attend locally, and a member of the church was kind enough to help Isaiah play all the games.  She's a 3rd year OT, so he even got some therapy thrown in for fun.

Faves of the week:

Isaiah:  I think he enjoyed playing under the table as much as anything else!  We did lots of things under the table this week.  And since God blessed us with a new table, I can even fit underneath it!

Mama:  I loved watching Isaiah and Nadia together as the King Josiah and his duck.

And who couldn't love this "funny face"?

I'm still a week behind in my posting, so this was actually 2 weeks ago, but hey, who's counting?  We just have fun, and if it gets recorded, then all's the better.  Check out ABC Jesus Loves Me for more wonderful lesson plans!

ABC Jesus Loves Me - Week 7

Check out the full lesson plan here

This week's goals:
Bible Story:  Creation Day 6 (farm animals)
Bible Verse:  I Thessalonians 2:13
Books:  Old McDonald Had A Farm
Color:  Green, Yellow
Letters: H-K
Number: 1-3
Shapes:  Circle
Information:  First Name and last name
Self-Care and Manners:  Pick up toys
Fine Motor Skill:  Finger paint in a circle
Gross Motor Skill:  Rolling a large ball

What we accomplished:

Creation Day 6 - Farm Animals

We enjoyed some stickers of farm animals (from Dollar Tree yet again!) on a piece of green construction paper.  Isaiah is getting better at figuring out how to maneuver stickers with his fingers--great fine motor skill practice for him.

Isaiah loves Hide and Seek, so we played with the animals!  An animal would hide under a green towel and make his or her sound (because of course some of our animals are girls, you know), and Isaiah would guess which animal it was.  After a few rounds, he was getting them all right!  As we would take our walks outside, I would quiz him on what each animal says, and about 8 out of 10 times he would get them right, sometimes needing the first sound of a word.  He always repeated the sounds, too!  I'm pretty stinkin' excited about this.

The animals needed a snack, too.  (We couldn't have done this without, you, Aunt Beth!)

He also enjoyed his (free!) Vocal Zoo app on the iPad, which has real life pictures of animals.  When you touch the pictures, you get to hear the sound the animal makes.  There is a "full version" that you can buy, but we're content with what we have.

We actually found Old MacDonald Had a Farm at our library, because we made it to the library!  Isaiah mainly liked sticking his fingers in the holes of this book, but he didn't have the patience for me to read/sing it the way the author intended.  But that's OK because we read tons of animal books this week, tons for us that is.  We enjoyed Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown, Doggies by Sandra Boynton, First Animals and Learning Ladders Animal Babies.

{I must confess that I didn't like this Sandra Boynton book as much as her others that I quite enjoy.  We only read it once because I sensed some confusion from both my kids about the dogs making different noises.  We mainly used it for counting purposes.}

Big Red Barn is now a family favorite!

Green and Yellow

We didn't focus as much on colors this week as Isaiah seems to be getting better and better at remembering them.  He did work on his yellow crown though....more to be revealed later.

This was also some good fine motor work, those jewels were tough to pick up!

Letters, Numbers

We played the board game "Sorry!", and Isaiah did great counting his spaces.  He also continues to correctly identify his letters from a field of four.


Our laundry basket is sort of a kidney bean in shape, but it can make great circles, especially with someone sitting in it!

First and Last Name

Isaiah is a pro!

Pick Up Toys

Isaiah loves to put things "in", so this wasn't much of an issue for us.  He even likes to put little sister "in" things. :)

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Isaiah wasn't interested in finger painting this week, but we got tons of gross motor skill practice for him with physical therapy on Monday and a physical therapy demonstration on Tuesday.  We love being able to help people learn how to help other people, so when Isaiah's physical therapist, whom we absolutely ADORE, asked us to come to a class she was teaching, we rolled at the chance, since jumping at it wasn't an option. :)

Because I've waited almost 2 weeks to actually write this post, I must confess I don't remember what our favorite things were, though I think the laundry basket rides were definitely near the top of the list!

Happy playing learning!