Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tot School--B Week

As I looked through the pictures from this week, I realized that we had accomplished more than I remembered!

B is for Bows
As I was decorating some packages that we received in the mail, I suddenly realized that we could sort the bows by color, so we did! Then I saw the same idea, but much better planned on this site.

B is for Books, Boxes, Bottles, Balls, Bears, Big Bird, Bead
On the same site, I had previously read about making a discovery box. We modified the idea a bit by having a discovery cabinet. Isaiah already enjoys opening this cabinet and pulling out a sewing book that I have. So to add to the fun, I filled the bottom shelf with all kinds of things that start with B.

B is for Books about Bears
Or any book, really. Isaiah LOVES to read books by himself or with anyone who will read with him. Somehow we've collected several books about bears, which worked well for our focus on B.

B is for Bumble Bee
In one of our bear books I Love You, Daddy, Little Bear gathers honey with Daddy Bear. At first Little Bear is frightened by the buzzing of the bees, but then Daddy Bear reminds him that the bees can't hurt him because of his thick fur. This is one of Isaiah's favorite books, and mine, too! We attempted paints for the first time in order to try to make a Bumble Bee, of sorts.

Patting down the letter B after I glued it on our new paper (which for some reason didn't come with black paper, oh well, at least brown starts with a B, too)!
Checking out the q-tip covered with paint
And our finished project, with almost as much paint that was on Isaiah :)

And we continued to read our Advent Scriptures and sing the songs that Thomas has picked out for us. The stars are finally low enough that Isaiah can help us cover them up! We had to be on a step-stool before, and I wasn't brave enough to hold him and try to put up a star. He's such a good helper!
There will be more posts about lots of learning on 1+1+1=1, if you'd like to see some other ideas!

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