Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tot School--Thanksgiving Week

This week was crazy busy as we prepared for Thanksgiving. Isaiah and I still did Tot School, though, as I'm realizing how I can incorporate more and more into every day activities! Being so busy, I didn't get that many pictures, however.

Monday we did lots of shopping (my eyes were bigger than my hands and backpack and stroller!). Isaiah was a great helper. We named every item in English and Russian. He did a great job repeating the names in both languages! I handed him the unbreakable ones, and he put them in the basket for me.

That evening we worked on the letter A and the color red. He colored an "A" and an apple, well sort of. He likes coloring his shirt more than the paper.

For snack he had dried fruit, some of which was red and green. He did a great job picking out the red pieces when asked, and even the green!

Here he is picking out a red piece (I promise, it was red, just as he was asked!).

Since it was Thanksgiving week, we talked a lot about the Pilgrims. I had printed out some free coloring sheets for him to work on, but again, he was way more into coloring his shirt than the paper. (The coloring pages came from here and here.) I have a picture of a red car that he really likes to wear as a hat, too.

I also made a color wheel for him to use. He doesn't seem to understand the matching aspect of this, but he does a great job pointing to the different colors!

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