Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tot School

Isaiah is 36 months old

This week was short again, since I had 2 language lessons--this month has been crazy busy!

But I have big news: Isaiah started drawing!

Thomas found this Draw 'n Glow Super Set for Isaiah's birthday, and it was a hit. I didn't know if he would be interested or not, you know he loves coloring so much and all (insert sarcastic tone here). Almost as soon as I put it in front of him, he started scribbling away! I naturally grabbed the camera and started snapping away.

I pulled out the crayons again on the off-chance that he might be more interested in coloring now that he enjoyed the drawing set so much. In fact, for about 2 minutes he tried to color with the crayons before the "hand the crayons to mama" game. That's 2 minutes longer than any other time. I also used that time to start working on the letters in his name.

These cups are probably one of his favorite things to play with. He'll stack them and unstack them and restack them and put things in them and take things out (usually some kind of food). He's getting really good at this! I started asking him to "put the blue cup in the green cup" (for example), and he can do it! He's starting to repeat the color names a lot more, too. Oh! And in his bath he started handing me the colored item that I asked for--correctly!

Aunt Beth, Uncle Jason and Jake gave Isaiah these neat puzzles for his birthday. He really likes the one of the baby face. He'll point to the facial feature on the puzzle and then point to his own face (in the right place!). We're working on putting the puzzles together, but I think that's going to take some time yet, so we'll just keep trying.

Isaiah still really likes his peg board, too, which I think is starting to help his fine motor skills because he's getting a lot better with utensils! He did a great job with some breakfast sausages and a fork, and he was quite proud of himself.

The family album is a hit. He loves looking at the pictures over and over again. He gives them kisses and practices saying the names of the people in the pictures. I just love how loving he is.

So that was our week. It was busier than I thought. This week will be short again because we're heading to Krasnoyarsk, Russia for our missionary field conference. I'm sure that there will be plenty of learning going on there, too! Isaiah will have 3 other little boys to play with, so if you feel the earth shake for no particular reason, it's because Isaiah will be laughing so hard!

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