Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tot School--A Week II

Isaiah is 38 months old

In case you're confused by I, then S and now A, be assured that we are not confused about the order of the letters in the alphabet, we're just going through the letters in Isaiah's name first, then we'll go back and fill in around them.

So, for the first A in Isaiah's name, we had a bit of a different week.

A is for Adventure! Our friends invited us to join them on an overnight adventure to Novgorod! I'll do another post about all that took place there, but to follow our theme, I'll just say that while on an adventure, A is for...

While we waited for our bus, Lydia and Isaiah laughed and played. Our excitement grew, knowing what fun we would have together!

Isaiah and I enjoyed sharing an apple on the bus to Novgorod, which happened to be perhaps the oldest bus that I've ever ridden on. I only wish that I had a picture to show you!


Isaiah always enjoys being with Lydia. They can entertain each other for a long time, and it's quite amusing to anyone who happens to be present.


Do we have a budding photographer in this cute little 2 year old? Lydia got to take some pictures while we waited for our supper.

Architecture, specifically Arches
Novgorod is full of amazing architecture here's just a sample of one of the arches that we saw. A small preview of the post for the trip. :)

Isaiah loves loving on us! I don't think I can describe how wonderful it feels to get hugs and kisses from our Little Man, especially when it's all his own idea!

Apples and Almonds
Isaiah has discovered that he loves nuts, and almonds seem to go well with apples for a great snack for him. No creativity in the snack department this week. After our trip, I had a lesson and then needed to get ready for a Bible study at our place. Isaiah helped me, of course, but I must confess that my creativity was, um, absent when it came to more fun activities for Tot School.

Traveling with Little Man can be quite an adventure in and of itself. With all the extra things we have to carry for him (meds, cathing supplies, etc) a backpack is our best friend. We are constantly trying to find a better way to travel, part of our learning experience as parents with a child with special needs. We have found it helpful to keep a general checklist for packing, something I'm sure that many of you do. When traveling in Russia, especially in the winter, we have some special challenges: How in the world do you find a clean, warm place that also has a flat surface and place to wash your hands with at least some privacy for stripping down your child from all his layers and cathing him. Oh the adventures that we have! Any traveling tips that you'd care to share?

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