Monday, June 15, 2009

Tot School--J Week

Isaiah is 40 months old

Our Bible verse this week:
Proverbs 3:15 She [wisdom] is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.

Of course, the most precious thing to Isaiah is outside, so we changed this verse a little bit to fit what he would better understand.

Our Bible Story:
Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

And other things J is for...

Isaiah enjoyed his first jelly and butter sandwich. He's not really into peanut butter lately (more for mama!), but he had to have jelly this week, so I improvised. He seemed to really enjoy the sweet lunch, since he ate the whole thing, and he's not a big sandwich fan.

This week Isaiah figured out that he can sit up even better by leaning up against something like the leg of our little table or the wall. He was pretty proud of himself for this accomplishment! And Mama was, too!

Friday night we had 3 other families join us for dinner, and Isaiah, as usual, had a blast! He was doing his normal laugh until you can't breath thing, which was really quite cute. He's getting better and better about actually playing with other children.

As in just a few more M&M's, or just a few more minutes in the bath, or just one more song, or just like Daddy...

Joshua and Jericho

We read the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho in English and Russian as always. Then we built our own wall, which ended up more like the wall of China, probably, but we had fun. We knocked it down, too, which was even more fun. Then Isaiah wanted to clean it up. He amazes me!

Some other random j activities:

We listened to some fun jazz thanks to the radio via iTunes. We jostled through the park on a nice jaunt one afternoon. It rained most of the week, so this was a treat, actually to finally get outside. We learned about jungle animals by watching some videos on YouTube. And Daddy made us jambalaya although Isaiah didn't really eat very much of that because it was pretty spicy--Yum! We jumped around the house, which brought lots of giggles. We jogged down the stairs to get the stroller, which also brought lots of giggles.

We sang: Jesus Cast a Look on Me, Jesus Loves Me, and whatever other songs we could think of that had Jesus in them. Why do I always forget these songs when I come to write my post?

We read: The Tale of Jeremy Fisher again, since that's our only J book.

And now we're Kickin' it with the letter K!

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