Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tot School--Takin' It One Day At A Time

Isaiah is 49 months old

Well, Mama is still somewhat incapacitated, so we didn't do many structured activities.  And in all honesty, after talking with a wonderful and wise friend this week, I have to tell you that aside from the carry over from the different therapies, our Tot School is not nearly as structured as it might appear on the blog.  Usually I start an activity with Isaiah, and then just let him do his thing.  This week, he had a blast (which made our time so much more fun)!

I got out our treasured construction paper, and we tore it up!  Literally.  After a few minutes, Isaiah got more into the ripping.  And I just asked him to repeat the color names to continue getting him familiar with them.  He identified green and blue on his own!

So we had the big pile you see on the table, and then we got out the glue.  Isaiah LOVES glue.  

We have large white sheets of paper, and I just let him have the bottle of glue and do whatever he wanted.  Then we stuck the different pieces of colored paper all over the big white paper, banging on them as hard as we could.  I'd show you the end result, but it's a surprise for someone back home.  :)

I've been wanting to work on hand coordination in more interesting ways.  We finally finished up some syrup that was sent to us, and I thought the bottle would be great for pouring.  I've had a hard time finding the right-sized container for this.  The bottle was still a little big, but Isaiah had fun!

The boy is slightly obsessed with syrup and pancakes, so he got excited when he saw the bottle.  We called the water inside syrup, which seemed to increase his interest.  Or syrpup as Isaiah calls it.

I had a hard time getting a good shot of him pouring.  Here I was helping him get the motion a few times.

Then we added a funnel.  He liked trying to get it in the bottle opening and watching the syrup go back inside.

It didn't take him long to figure out that the funnel was the middle step.  He kept trying to pick up drops of syrup to put in the funnel then the bottle.

And then splashing ensued, naturally.

He asked for a spoon!  I love that he thought of what he wanted to play with on his own and was able to tell me!  Guess who ran to the kitchen!

He told me he was making pancakes. :)  Smart Little Man!

Here's to having fun with it!  Mama learned a lot this week, but that's for another left hand is tired after such a long post.

Check out the fun at 1+1+1=1.


  1. I know, our activities always seem so much nicer on our blog too. They arent always as structured in real life :) I love the water/pouring activities!

  2. Great water activity, and he looks so into gluing the construction paper.

  3. I usually think the same thing after I write up our posts. They always seem more orderly after I organize my post!
    The ripping construction paper looks like fun.

  4. Isaiah looks like he really enjoyed himself. I find that when I try to be too structured with activities, my plans backfire on me. When I provide my son with resources and opportunities to do things, he enjoys it more when he is allowed to explore and experiment. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It all looks great. I loved how the activities panned out with him taking over. Cute!

  6. Is construction paper hard to find where you live?