Monday, April 5, 2010

Tot School--K Week II

Isaiah is 50 months old

This week we moved on to the letter K, the next one on our speech therapy list.  Isaiah can say this letter very well!  We didn't do a specific craft with the letter as my arm is still healing, so we focused on working in the kitchen!  I am trying to include Isaiah in some of the regular things that we do every day as my helper, and he really seems to enjoy it!

I don't have a picture of this one, but he decided to help me clean in the kitchen.  We keep a floor rag for wiping up random water.  It stays by the sink, and Isaiah decided that as he crawled around on the floor he would clean things up for me with the rag.  He seemed to be singing a little cleaning song as he moved around the kitchen.  And he even seemed to say, "I cleaning!"  Hooray for increasing vocabulary!

We colored Easter eggs one day.  Isaiah's coordination still needs some improvement before I trust him to spoon a real egg into dyed water that could stain lots of things, so we improvised for him.  He got to play with water, much to his delight.  First he stirred it, then he splashed it, then he poured it all over himself.

Next I gave him plastic eggs to play with, and he did a great job opening them!  Yeah for better hand strength!

As a surprise for Daddy we made chocolate chip cookies.  Isaiah took care of the flour for me.

I finally realized this bowl was just too big... we got two smaller bowls, and he stirred and transferred (even once with the spoon!) and just had fun making a big mess.

He played for an hour with his bowls of flour!  I asked him a few times if he was done, and would emphatically say "No!"  Until the park dries enough for playing in the sandbox, I think we found a great and rather cheap substitute!

This week Isaiah has also learned how to help me lift him better and hold on better while carrying him.  I am very thankful for this as my arm continues to heal, and he is getting bigger!  He is almost 23 pounds!!!!

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  1. We played with water and flour this week too, Looks like Isaiah had lots of fun!