Thursday, October 27, 2011

ABC Jesus Loves Me: Week 6

For the full week 6 lesson plan visit ABC Jesus Loves Me.

This week's goals:
Bible Story:  Creation Day 6
Bible Verse:  I Thessalonians 2:13
Books:  Good Night, Gorilla
Color:  Green
Letters: H-K
Number: 1-3
Shapes:  Square
Information:  First Name and last name
Self-Care and Manners:  Place dirty clothes in laundry
Fine Motor Skill:  Play-doh
Gross Motor Skill:  Jumping

What we accomplished:

Creation Day 6 - God made the animals (and people)

We focused on the "wilder" animals like lions, tigers, giraffes, gorillas and such.  Isaiah seemed to enjoy putting animal stickers (from the Dollar Tree!) on the green paper with a big 6 drawn on it.  This was a nice easy suggestion from Heidi at ABC Jesus Loves Me, which you can find in the lesson plan link above.

We continued to read the Bible story of creation every day.  Isaiah seems to like stars the best as he says God made them on every day.  In addition to knowing Adam and Eve, he has learned that they lived in the garden of Eden!  He's also getting really good at giving a "thumb's up" as Heidi suggested in the very first lesson.

I Thessalonians 2:13

Isaiah still enjoys listening to me sing this song, but he will repeat each word after me as well.

Good Night, Gorilla

We made it to the library, but this book wasn't available; so we checked out lots of other animal books for next week.  We enjoyed reading a Fisher-Price book, My Best Friend by Kirsten Hall.  A little boy talks about his best friend while playing with all kinds of animals, but I won't spoil the surprise of who his best friend is.

We also found a great little book at Dollar Tree:  Amazing Animals:  Wild Animals by Hinkler Books Pty Ltd.  (There is no specific author listed.)  It's a short book with great pictures of safari

Green and Squares

We did everything we could think of with the color green, even begrudgingly eating green vegetables!  We painted green, played with green play-doh and did some square activities.

We also glued together 4 tongue depressors into a square.  Isaiah loves to play with glue, so this just sort of happened as I tried to keep him interested in things.

Not related to green but related to squares, we stamped!  Isaiah found this great stamp set at Dollar Tree, and thankfully the stamps were squares, so he enjoyed stamping Lightning McQueen around the place.

Numbers 1-3

We used tongue depressors for counting and number recognition.  Then we stirred things with them.  Isaiah liked the stirring best, I think.

Letters H-K

We are still working on A-G.  Isaiah will identify the correct letter from a field of 4 about 9 times out of 10.  He is also starting to willingly tell me what sound the letter makes.  Thank you, Letter Factory!  We will keep on watching!

First and Last Name

No problem!  He can still tell you his first and last name, and everyone in our immediate family; but we need to work on his generalization, though because he now says our last name is EVERYONE'S last name.


Isaiah's very good about putting things away.  He loves to put things "in."  Although this week, he and sister did a much better job of taking his dirty laundry out and spreading it all over his room.  But they had fun, and we worked together to put it all back.


Um, yeah, that didn't happen, but Isaiah got tons of wheelchair practice in the store.  He's pretty amazing.  His post-op visit went really well, too, and he showed off his chair rolling skills for some interns.  Thankfully we are cleared to start physical therapy!

Our Favorites:


I think he actually enjoyed the painting this week!  That's my sensory-seeking little man. :)


I love that my kids enjoy doing things together.  Anytime Isaiah does something, it's only a matter of time before I hear, "Sister...too."  Smile.

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  1. Enjoyed hearing Isaiah tell us what God created on each day. He did a great job. And you're doing a great job on all this fun creative school, Cristy. Love reading about all his accomplishments !