Saturday, October 1, 2011

He's Getting It!

Our third week of ABCJLM school went great! Our week was a little crammed because we had some extra dr visits thrown in at the end of the week. Isaiah got to start physical therapy, this week, too, which was very exciting.  We even managed to fit in a trip to the library since I had an extra pair of hands.  I haven't been brave enough to take both kids by myself because I know all the books will end up off the shelves and on the floor.

I'm writing this from Isaiah's hospital room, so I apologize ahead of time for not getting in all the links that I would normally put in, but I didn't bring all my supplies to the hospital because we are trying not to move in. :)

The biggest news this week is Isaiah's ability to tell me the days of creation! This is HUGE for us! He has days one and two down cold.  He tells me day three and four with a slight prompt from me of the first sound of each word. I think his favorite part of creation though must be "stars" because he tries to put that in every day.

We did do a bunch of fun crafty things, but I focused more on the creation days memorization, so I don't have as many pictures of the craft stuff. Also it's been a week since we finished the lesson plan, so my memory isn't as fresh.

The main goals for the week (that I actually worked on):
Creation Day 4
Color Yellow

You know we have to have our play-doh!

Isaiah did a great job gluing on the sun, moon and stars for our Day 4 craft.

We also colored with a yellow marker on a coffee filter to make a sun.  Isaiah then painted this yellow sun.  He really liked the sponge paintbrush more than I thought he would.

We had a great week (two weeks ago)!

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