Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Beginning (again)

Around the world school has officially started, and this week it will begin again in our home, too.  Since Isaiah is 5 I am actually doing a curriculum with him this year called ABC Jesus Loves Me.  This is a free curriculum online, but I did choose to purchase the book so that I can make notes throughout the year and have everything in one place.

Momma C who writes the curriculum has done a great job finding all kinds of online resources and materials and suggestions and putting them all in one place.  For the internet-search-challenged mama like me, her work is quite a blessing!  I personally get overwhelmed with the options and activities that I find, when I'm able to complete a search successfully.  So thanks, Momma C!

I've chosen to start with her 2-year-old curriculum because I want it to be fun and I want Isaiah to have plenty of opportunities to succeed.  It's a nice basic preschool curriculum that has plenty of room for making it personal, but gives me the structure that I need.  I also like that all the lessons are built around a Bible story and encourage Bible memorization.

So, Lord willing, we'll be posting about our adventures again, as we learn together!  I'd appreciate your prayers for wisdom and patience and consistency for me and for patience and a good attitude for Isaiah!  Thanks, friends!

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