Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weeks in Review (again) - Field Trips!

The week before last was a review week, which fit nicely with our schedule.  Daddy was out of town for a while yet, and reinforcements arrived!  Gran and Grandpa came to help entertain the troops.

We got a head start on learning about land animals with a trip to the Portland Zoo.  I tried to focus on the fish and birds and their colors (since Day 5 was our focus for this week), but the whole zoo was lots of fun!

The penguins seemed quite taken with Isaiah.  I've never seen anything quite like it, they all swam over away from everyone else to play in front of Isaiah.  He was quite entertained, too.

Nadia's favorite animals were the giraffes.  Both the kids are doing a great job with their animal identification!

We had to take Grandpa to see our beautiful waterfalls!  It was a great opportunity to review God's creation we have already learned.

About an hour away we discovered an antique automobile museum!  Both the kids had a blast!  And lots of counting and color learning was easily possible.

There was even a car that matched Isaiah's chair!

Nadia is slightly obsessed with airplanes, so she was thrilled to "fly"
 And what better way to count than watching baseball!

And there were even more waterfalls that Gran hadn't seen yet, so off we went!  Daddy was home now, so he got to come, too!

I love Isaiah's adoring look at his daddy in this pic

Friday Gran, the kids and I went to our first ever pumpkin patch.  We enjoyed a corn maze with life-size animal statues.  Nadia never wanted to leave the different animal scenes until we promised her more animals.  She kept trying to blow kisses and entice the animals to come to her.

We're not in MS any more.  Here the Ducks and Beavers are playing football.

We also enjoyed a hayride and fun activities in the kids' pavilion after picking out our very own pumpkins.

I didn't list the specific goals for Week 5 from ABC Jesus Loves Me because we were pretty "loosey-goosey" with them while enjoying learning in other ways.  We'll have some more structure this week, I assume as we start learning about Day 6 and how God created the animals and the people.

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