Saturday, October 6, 2012

Week(s) in Review - Week 3

As I posted earlier, we have had to be a little creative in schooling the last couple weeks.  Isaiah had surgery on Sept. 19, and everything went very well!  We took it pretty easy with school though the rest of the week, focusing more on physical recovery and such.

A week later Thomas went to Russia, so we were spending some more concentrated family time with some school thrown in here and there.  We also started OT and Speech therapy for Isaiah and some more PT for Nadia, which I often count as school because they're constantly learning in those sessions! Those sessions are also good learning times for Mama as the therapists can teach me different ways to communicate new ideas with the kids.

So this past week we're back to our new normal that once again includes therapy and doctor visits and co-op, and thankfully a trip to the airport to pick up some reinforcements!

Here was the original plan from ABC Jesus Loves Me:

Theme/Lesson:  God Made the World Around Me
Bible Story:  Creation - Day 4
Memory Verse:  In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  Genesis 1:1
Poem:  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Song:  Praise God
Book of the Week:  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Letter:  A-G
Number: 1-2
Color:  Yellow
Shape:  Circle
Self-care & Manners:  "Thank You"
Information:  First Name
Fine Motor:  Peg Puzzle
Gross Motor:  "Red Light, Green Light"

It's been a busy week, but we've had a lot of fun learning.  Both the kids can now tell you what God made on Days 1-4, and Nadia even enjoys doing the hand motions.  We did our creation day circles again, but no pictures.  Nadia even drew a circle late this week!

The kids still don't sing the Genesis 1:1 song with me, but they are starting to do the motions that I made up.  They even ask to sing it!

We increased some tactile stimulation with lots of shaving cream play, which apparently also looks really good as an accessory for blond, curly hair.

Our book was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  We only read the first few pages most of the time.  I like that several fish and some of the pages were also yellow - great for color identification.  We also colored some fish.  Isaiah insisted on using a pen for coloring, and I could not be more excited about that grip!

Later I printed out some more fish and colored, cut out and laminated 2 of the fish for our counting of 1 and 2.  Both kids did a great job counting!  Nadia now always has to carry 2 baby dolls, and she counts them.

Since our color was yellow, we had to make lemonade, a favorite of both kids.  We practiced our stirring and pouring skills together in the process.

More shaving cream fun, this time colored yellow!

Tearing yellow paper (and other colors) brought some special delight.

Getting Isaiah to play with a peg puzzle took some creativity, but look he smiled!  We would take the pieces out and put them in the bag, then the kids would take turns taking out one piece at a time and finding the right spot.

It worked!  Both the kids got really good at the puzzle by the end of the week.

This isn't the greatest picture, but I couldn't help but share the smile complete with the correct placement of the puzzle piece!  Isaiah was pretty proud of himself, and he had every right to be so proud!

For the other goals:  The kids are doing great at saying "thank you", knowing circles and learning when to stop and go.  The game "Red Light/Green Light" didn't go so well, but having to cross the parking lot to our van has helped with that skill.  Nadia still refers to herself as "sister" for her name, but I'm sure she'll get the idea soon enough.  She definitely recognizes her name.

I must confess that the hardest thing for me to figure out the best way to teach is the letters.  We talk about letters and such.  We watch Letter Factory.  But because there are so many letters to work with at one time, I don't think I do well.  The kids really are learning the other things, though, so we'll keep on going!

Pic of the week:

Isaiah loves his iPad, and now he's teaching Nadia, too.  She loves to watch her brother "work", and she's even usually patient enough not to grab the iPad or touch the screen without supervision.

I love to watch how they play together!

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