Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week in Review - Week 17

We had a busy week getting back into routine with appointments and therapies and everything.  We started Monday School, finally made it back to therapy and had our first dental appointments.

The kids were both thrilled to go to school!  All the way home they chanted, "More school!".  I have to admit that the co-op stretches me, but as long as my children love it, then I'll do everything I can to make it happen for them.

At home I found it difficult to get a groove of school going.  Monday was "shot" with Monday school in the morning and Isaiah's flush in the afternoon, but then, we DID go to Monday School, right?  

Tuesday we had fun with some new Math Squares that a new friend has shared with us and then therapies in the afternoon.  Nadia LOVES these squares.  She stuffs them in her pockets before we go anywhere.  I have to make sure they don't end up in the laundry. 

We haven't employed their intended use yet, but we've used them for lots of other learning like colors, sorting, counting (which I guess is part of their purpose), stacking (fine motor).

Wednesday we finally had Isaiah's birthday party at our local bowling alley!  We all had a blast, including the birthday boy!  

Thursday morning we sang a lot and then went to the dentist.  Friday school time was spent cleaning up a painting fiasco created by Mr. Gadget Arms and his lovely accomplice with the afternoon taken up with usual activities.  We did manage to get in a walk though!

So that left today.  But I think the kids were very much pleased with today's school.  Since they managed to spare some paint from their adventures yesterday, we painted our feet (well, I painted their feet) in honor of our book of the week The Foot Book by none other than Dr. Seuss, appropriate don't you think, in celebration of his birthday.

After the footprints, I let the kids paint what they wanted.  And Isaiah decided his tummy needed a new look.

He did also paint some paper.  Check out that paint brush grip!  His fine motor skills have taken a huge leap in the last couple months.

Isaiah's footprints.  His right foot really is all one piece, but it has an odd shape.

Nadia LOVES to paint.  She repainted her feet, and her hands, and lots of paper.  She also loved the clean up process.  I think she played in the bowl of water almost as long as she painted!

So that was week 17 for us.  A whirlwind, but lots of fun!  Check out ABC Jesus Loves Me for some great ideas for spending learning time with your kids!

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