Monday, September 17, 2012

School Around Surgery

So, last year as I was trying to do school with Isaiah, I got a bit thrown off by several surgeries as well as getting ready to move across the country.

This week I have a learning opportunity!  Wednesday Isaiah is having a VEPT-R extension.  The 2 metal rods in his back to help correct/slow down his scoliosis need to be extended because he's growing - hooray!  And I get to learn again how to keep our schedule flexible but still going.  Thankfully next week is a scheduled review week, so I have a fallback plan.

We've only met this surgeon one time.  He was nice and all, but I'm used to knowing Isaiah's doctors for oh, six years or so, and I'm getting used to the idea of letting someone new get their hands on Isaiah.  I'd appreciate prayers not only for the surgery and Isaiah's recovery but also for our faith to be strengthened in the Lord as we trust Him for this next procedure in Isaiah's life.

He's already answered one prayer in providing someone to be with Nadia for the day!  I'm sure I'll tell you more about our new friend along the way, but please thank God with me for this provision.

And if you don't read my personal blog, please continue to pray for my friend Katie and her little girl Karis who's still in PICU (day 15).  She has had some improvement, but still needs lots of prayer!

Thanks, friends!

There's that "funny face" again - LOVE

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